About Us

About Our Company
We are Iranian Family Company since 1983 based on Manufacturing and Distribution of Conveyor Equipmets & Tools & Lifting Equipmetns below the hooks.

Our Main Activities :

Design & Manufacturing :

- Bulk Handling Conveyors ( Chain, Belt, Screw )
- Conveyor Chains
- Elevator Chains
- Idlers, Rollers, Drums and Pulleys
- Forged Parts, Drop Forged Chains, Forged Chain brackets DIN 5699 and DIN 745
- Sprockets, Wheels, Conveyor Structures
- Standard Roller chains
- Round Link Chains for Mining and Lifting

Sales & Distributing :
- Conveyor Belts ( Steel cord belts & Textile belts & Elevator belts )
- Standard Roller chains and Conveyor Chains
- Steel wire ropes
- Round Steel Chains

Our Idlers & Conveyor Rollers :
Rollers have an essential role as belt conveyors‘ support and transmission elements. Their reliability is fundamental to guaranty safety, and their longevity crucial for an efficient and economical use in industrial applications. we made Rollers from its foundation accordance with DIN 22112, we made Rollers with diameters from 30 mm to 450 mm with deferent wall thickness and with very special sealing systems. Moreover, we also commercialize rollers with other diameters and with a wall thickness from 2.9mm to 7.1mm. our idlers stand out due to their minimal environmental noise, their low rolling resistance, and their endurance; which contribute to belt conveyors’ high efficiency. Upon request, every idler can be made of other materials such as stainless steel. Additionally, we can galvanize, paint, powder coat or seamless rubber coat them also in a so-denominated V-quality(fire-resistant) for coal industry underground mining. we support rollers comply with ATEX-Directive special provisions and can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres in zones 1/2 and 21/22.

For mutual cooperation please contact to *khanali(at)rts.co.ir* or Call on +98-9128367839